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Team MKM Statistics

Money Raised
Team Fundraising Goal: $1,000.00
Total Raised: $7,567.00

Members Recruited
Recruitment Goal: 40
Members Recruited: 59

Join Our Team

Together we are raising awareness and enhancing lives with every step - won't you join us?

While there is no cure for Parkinson's there is a critically important organization in our community. The Parkinson Association of the Rockies is committed to providing tangible and innovative programs and services to everyone who needs them. The Association is a vital resource providing the care that counts on the way to a cure.

Take an important step and join our team for the Parkinson Associationís Vitality Walk today!

Team Members:
Total Raised$7,567.00  
General Team Donation$100.00  
Margaret Melander$30.00  
   Kitsi Atkinson$130.00  
   Katy Brinton$50.00  
   Dan Burnett$30.00  
   Patti Burnett$30.00  
   Rachel Burnett$30.00  
   Diane Cook$50.00  
   Hugh Courtenay$100.00  
   Dennis Dauper$30.00  
   Kathy Davis$130.00  
   Steve Erickson$35.00  
   Anne Green$30.00  
   Jack Green$30.00  
   Warren Green$30.00  
   Jon Grimes$30.00  
   Helen Guthrie$142.00  
   Verle Guthrie$30.00  
   Adelaide Gwaltney$10.00  
   Julia Gwaltney$1,030.00  
   Mark Gwaltney$30.00  
   Sophia Gwaltney$10.00  
   Carroll Harr$230.00  
   Carver Harr$10.00  
   Delana Harr$30.00  
   Dolores Harr$30.00  
   Duncan Harr$10.00  
   James Harr$130.00  
   Rob Hutt$75.00  
   Bob Jones$990.00  
   Debbie Jones$200.00  
   Donna Jones$30.00  
   Elizabeth Kreider$50.00  
   Kent Kreider$50.00  
   Joan Larson$50.00  
   Kent Larson$50.00  
   Reed Masten$2,500.00  
   Leslie McClure$30.00  
   Tom McClure$30.00  
   Betty Melander$30.00  
   Beverly Melander$30.00  
   John Melander$30.00  
   Kelsey Melander$30.00  
   Tom Melander$30.00  
   Drew Nighswonger$50.00  
   Jody Nighswonger$50.00  
   Tom Pool$130.00  
   Dudley Rice$30.00  
   Greg Ritscher$35.00  
   Norman Rowell$30.00  
   Tina Schoenherr$30.00  
   Robert Sellars$60.00  
   Julie Slater$55.00  
   Marty Strimple$50.00  
   April Sustad$30.00  
   Kathryn Tallerico$55.00  
   Anita Wichert$30.00  
   Nancy Wood$100.00  
   Robin Wurt$35.00  
   Steve Wurt$35.00  

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